Earlier this week I took my two girls to Rockridge by BART. We’d done that < a href="">once before and Mika and I had enjoyed it. We hit Crepevine, Rockridge Kids, a very nice toystore where Mika loves to play and the Rockridge Marketplace, where I got some rabbit and duck legs to cook at home. But it was the allure of Crepevine which had made Mika so excited about the trip.
Crepevine is a small restaurant serving both savory and sweet crepes, in addition to soups, sandwiches, pastas and breakfast items. It offers sitting both inside, and in a covered patio with easy access to the street. I’m looking forward to trying their savory crepes sometime, but this time I’d had some lunch so I decided to go with a sweet one instead. These are served folded as an envelope and come with a scoop of French vanilla ice cream (I think) and cream. I got the one with mascarpone cheese and a sweetened nut mixture. It was good but nothing speciall and there was too little filling for the crepe, I don’t think I’d order it again. Mika once again decided on the banana and caramel run one, which we both liked. Camila even got to enjoy some of the banana pieces.
I didn’t really like the ice cream – though perhaps that’s because its flavor was too subtle to compete with the ones from the crepe – by Michaela loved it.
I’m pretty sure that going to Crepevine is going to be part of our routine when visiting Rockridge. Next time I’ll have to try the savory crepes.
5600 College Avenue
Oakland, CA 94618
(510) 658-2026


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  1. A day

    Something about my life now, the girls. They are on vacation, which means I have them with me full time. We’ll see how that goes. Today I took them to Rockridge. Around noon. Mike took us to BART. We first…

  2. The kids are on vacation and we have barely gotten out of the house, so when Mika asked today that I take her to Crepevine in Rockridge I couldn’t really say no. An outing! Finally!
    It’d been quite a while since we’d been there, at least a year I’d say, so I was apprehensive that it’d be closed like so many restaurants nowadays, but fortunately it’s open and seemingly doing quite well.
    I had the Santorini crepe (walnuts, pistachios, brown sugar, coconut, cinnamon and mascarpone), which was quite nice, with a sweet but grownup flavor. Still, it was sort of “light” in comparison to the Siena crepe (nutella, strawberries, and nuts) which Mika got. They both came with whipped cream and a scoop of vanilla ice cream (which Mika declared had to be homemade). The crepes were about $6-7, pretty much in line with what they cost at the farmer’s market. Given that they come with ice cream and that you actually have a place to seat here, they are probably a better deal.
    Though I can make crepes at home just as easily (mine are not so light, but they are as fresh as they get), I think we’ll hit Crepevine once in a while. Mika just loves it.

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