Viva Pancho Villa! – Francisco’s

A week or so ago I stopped by for a late lunch at Viva Pancho Villa, the new Mexican restaurant/taquer


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  1. Marga

    Last week we went again to Pancho Villa for lunch. Mike got a super burrito with all the fixings, and he wasn’t very impressed. I got the chilaquiles from the breakfast menu. They were pretty good, I liked the green sauce (you can also order red sauce) and the overall taste of the dish. However, they were made with regular tortilla chips, which I think detracted from an optimal texture. In addition, they were heavy on eggs, which I personally don’t like.
    Service was friendly but slow – even though the restaurant was pretty empty.
    In all Pancho Villa is not a bad place to go given the dearth of affordable restaurants in that area.

  2. Marga

    We hear that Taqueria Pancho Villa has closed and that a new Italian place (perhaps by the same owners?) is opening in its place. We’ll see.

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