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friend plantainsI cooked my Belizean dinner sooo long ago that I can’t even recall it, but for some reason I never put it up on my website. Yesterday, as I was exporting my food pictures to flickr, I came across the ones from Belize and realized my omission. Apparently the Belizean food I’d cooked hadn’t been very good, but it still needs to be up. You can find the menu here


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  1. non belizean girl

    I think the reason you didn’t like the Belizean dinner was because you didn’t make it properly. Belizean food is packed with flavor! It is my favorite of all the food in the world. Belizean food is VERY tricky to make and just following a recipe will not do the food justice. You have to be in the kitchen with an experienced Belizean cook and spend many hours with them, and IF you are lucky, then you might have a good meal on your hands. It’s mostly about the love of the food, and knowing what the food is supposed to taste like, and tweaking things to make them fit. There is no right recipe…it’s experience. I wish that you would give it another chance and go to an actual Belizean restaurant and compare that to what you made. I’m sure the difference would be astronomical.


    I saw the pictures of the recipes you cooked and they are not suppose to look like that. Belizean food are are very colorful and tasty. Filled with all kinds of flavors. I suggest you try making the dishes with a Belizean cook so you can see how it is done, what it tastes like and how it is supoose to look. I also suggest that you visit some Belizean restaurants and try out the food.

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