New restaurant from the Vatrans

Vatran’s Flying Sausages has been our favorite area deli for years. It served delicious sandwiches and offered a very nice assortment of charcurterie as well as assorted food items from Europe. Recently it was sold, a fact that dismayed me as I feared the quality would go down (I’ll report on this later, we’ve decided to go there for lunch later today).
In response to my post about it, I got a message from the son of the owner. He told me they have opened a new restaurant in Alamo called Xenia! Bistro. According to the Contra Costa Times the new restaurant offers Romanian food from Mr. Vatran’s grandmother’s recipes. The CCT gave it 3 forks and said it was a great neighborhood bistro. It’s located at 115 Alamo Plaza, Alamo. We expect to head there some time soon.

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