Barbara’s Puffins Cereal & Milk Bars

We got these bars (peanut butter chocolate chip) at Trader Joe’s for Mika’s school lunches. Unfortunately they are too tough for her to bite into. I don’t particularly like the flavor either. They taste too much of plain cereal and they are too sweet. I wouldn’t buy them again.


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  1. Stu Carr

    Puffins are my life. I would give it all up if they did not exist, just to see them again. You crazy woman who’s kid can’t bite into these…go to the dentist and get her some dentures because she is missing out.

  2. tina

    I am in love with the Puffins, especially the ones with the long hair, and I love the peanut butter flavored Puffins cereal. Thank you for making it, Barbara’s Bakery.

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