Hard boiled quail eggs

Hard boiled quail eggs are a great toddler food. They are small enough that they fit easily in a toddler’s hand and can be eaten in a couple of bites (less mess) and cute enough that they want to eat them. We find them at the San Leandro farmers market for 10 for $1. They are quite delicate, however, so often times one or two of those eggs have a broken egg shell by the time we bring them home. They are also a little bit tough to peel, the shell breaks into many small pieces. I usually rinse them after peeling them to get all the pieces of shell off.
What I usually do is hard boil a dozen at the time and then keep them, in their shells, in the fridge. When Mika needs a snack I peel one and give it to her.


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  1. Debbie

    Soak the boiled quail eggs in a little vinegar to loosen the shell. The vinegar dissolves the calcium of the shell and leaves the membrane and it slides off easily. Does not leave a vinegar taste on the egg.

  2. Meme

    I live in Memphis TN and my granddaughter lives in Keller Tx. She recently went to Brazil and ate quail eggs (shelled and boiled) she loved them. she is 3 years old. I would like to know where I could purchase some and have them shipped to her. I have looked on the internet and don’t seem to find any that are shelled and boiled. The ones I find are pickled or sold only at restuarants. The others that I find or to raise quail. Help

  3. Candy

    you can buy them canned in asian supermarkets.. they’re salted & in water.. they don’t have shells, though.. but they’re boiled & cheap. lol 🙂

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