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Masquerade Moscato Spumante – Review

I don’t think there is a better way to describe Masquerade’s Moscato than by calling it a treat.  Seldom have I tasted a more delicious, uncomplicated and appealing wine.  Sure, it’s not challenging. Sometimes you don’t want to be challenged. Sometimes you just want a treat, a caramel instead of a piece of chocolate, and this wine delivers.

I hadn’t had a Moscato Spumante – a sparkling muscat – before, so I can’t really compare Masquerade’s version to others.  So let me describe it. It tastes like a regular muscat, only lighter and less sweet and full of bubbles.  As I find muscat too heavy and too sweet, and I love bubbles, this is pretty much perfection for me.   The only problem with this wine is that I just couldn’t stop drinking it.  It was light enough to fool me into believing it’d quench my thirst, but sweet enough to not actually deliver on that promise, so I just kept drinking more.  I’d say, drink a tall glass of water before you start with this one.

I couldn’t find anything online about this wine. It’s made in Italy and that’s about all I know. I bought it at Grocery Outlet, don’t remember for how much, but certainly at a price worth stocking up on.