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Ben & Jerry’s ONE Cheesecake Brownie

bj.jpgI think it’s been many years now since Ben & Jerry’s has come out with a flavor of ice cream I actually like. Meanwhile, they’ve gotten rid of many of my favorites, including the best flavor they ever had, Wavy Gravy. Still, I always try the new flavors they come up with, showing that I’m a pretty slow learner.

The latest flavor I tried was ONE Cheesecake Brownie, and seldom have I tasted a more flavorless flavor. The ice cream itself just tasted sour – no cheesiness, no complexity, just a note of sourness. The miniscule cheesecake brownie bits were also sour, though at least a bit chocolaty. They didn’t add much. In all, a complete failure of a flavor.

This ice ceam seems to be part of a campaign to “end poverty”, the carton doesn’t explain how, just directs you to a website. I personally find it deeply offensive when big corporate giants like Unilever (Ben & Jerry’s parent company), who themselves contribute to world poverty, by, for example, exploiting child workers, use the plight of poor people as a marketing scheme.