We bought this BBQ grill at Grocery Outlet last summer.  I couldn’t find anything about it when I googled it, but it was very cheap and I thought it was worth the risk.  It was not.  Indeed, this product is so bad that I’ll be keeping away from any Bond grill or any grills sold at Grocery Outlet.

The cheapness of the product is evident as soon as you try to put it together. The materials are flimsy and do not fit well. The cover, for example, never closed all the way.  It worked fairly well at the beginning, but now, a year (but not that menu bbq’s) later, it’s pretty much in its last legs.

First of all, the inside of the lid is peeling and it looks like the lid itself is oxidizing.  More problematic are the persistent grease build ups – it’s not an easy grill to clean – which lead to huge flames and burnt food.  Also annoyingly, a standard box for wood chips doesn’t fit inside the grill.

I’m pretty sure we’ll have to replace this grill soon – next time we’ll buy something good.