Review: Green Chef’s Pasta Pomodoro with Steak

Rating: 6/10

This kit for Pasta Pomodoro with Steak and balsamic cremini mushrooms made me, once again, question what the whole point about Green Chef is. The beef was OK, the mushrooms were good but nothing extraordinary, and the pasta was bland. Most importantly, the meat wasn’t organic, it was plain sirloin (which must be the most boring cut out there), and there were not exotic ingredients – which makes me wonder why this kit is over $26. It convinced me, more than anything, that Green Chef is not for me.

Still, my husband did love the mushrooms. But these were plain mushrooms cooked on the pan where the beef had been cooked for 5 minutes and then with balsamic vinegar for a couple of more minutes. Easy enough to do on our own.

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