Wing Fiesta

Wings Fiesta is a local chain which serves, well, chicken wings.  They also have ribs, chicken tenders and fries, but their emphasis is on wings.  We went to the one on West Juana in downtown San Leandro.  They’d left a menu with “buy one, get one free coupons” and I figured that made it worth a try.  It was worth a try, but not really a repeat visit.

Wing Fiesta serves both “jumbo wings,” regular fried or baked bone-in wings, and “boneless wings”.  You can chose from a variety of sauces to accompany them.  The regular wings ($5 for 6) were pretty good, they had a crispy breading and were well seasoned.  The boneless wings ($4 for 7), however, were horrible – they tasted like frozen/microwaved chicken pieces.  It was hard to eat them, even with the sauce.  We tried the teriyaki and honey BBQ sauces, and they tasted pretty generic.

We didn’t try any of the sides, I asked if we could get a french fry to see if we liked them but they wouldn’t even give us one.  That wasn’t the only problem with the service, it was incredibly slow – I think it must have taken over half an hour to get our very simple order.  That said, all the staff are young and new so that may improve.

The one thing that might make it worth a visit is their $1 beers (with food purchase).  I’m not a big beer drinker, but for those who are, you can’t get a better deal in town.

Wing Fiesta
160 W. Juana Ave.
San Leandro, Ca
M-F 5-11 PM
Sa-Su 11 AM – 11 PM

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