San Leandro: restaurant notes

– I hear Angelina’s has changed ownership. It has significantly declined in recent years and we hadn’t been there for years.  Hopefully the new owners will do something good with it.

Vila Cereja and La Bella Italia are still for sale/lease.

-Also for sale: El Amigo (Mexican restaurant), Arby’s.

San Gaspar is undergoing construction after a fire that shut them down and will re-open.

-I still haven’t been able to try Mae’s, as it never seems to be open when I want to go (before 2 pm for lunch and after 6 pm for dinner), but I hear Mae’s temper is getting even worse. Complaints of Mae’s offensive behavior, bad customer service, long waits and unavailability of menu items continue to plague it on Yelp. I still wonder if it’s a legitimate business.

-The city of San Leandro is considering banning styrofoam containers, restaurants are barking. Most cities in Alameda County have banned them already.

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