When our kids were very little, we used to go to Porky’s Pizza Palace for dinner quite a bit. It’s a large and noisy restaurant, and the kids could play with the game machines in the back. They could be loud and nobody noticed.
As our kids grew up, and started having better restaurant manners, we stopped going to Porky’s as much – and I think it’d been three years since our last visit when we headed back there yesterday (to eat out for education). It hadn’t changed much – though the place was pretty quiet at 7 PM.
Porky’s menu seems to have stayed the same. This time we shared a “giant” (16″) half Porky’s Combo half cheese pizza ($25) as well as an order of half spaghetti/half ravioli with meat sauce ($7). We also had an order of their onion rings ($4).
Porky’s onion rings are among my favorite, their ranch sauce is just right (not too bitter, not too sour) and they are served hot. The portion wasn’t huge, but neither was the price.
The girls and I liked the pasta. The ravioli had a nice filling, and the meat sauce (apparently homemade) had a satisfying old-fashioned flavor.
The pizza, however, was just OK. Neither Camila nor I liked the very salty taste of the cheese pizza. I’m not sure if the problem was that the pizza didn’t have enough sauce to stand up to the salty cheese or what, but it just wasn’t too tasty. The combo part was better, though again a bit too salty. Porky’s is very generous with its toppings (perhaps too much), and the toppings do tend to slide off the crust.
Still, we had a nice meal and I’d like to go back again, specially if our snooty friends would come along 😉
Porky’s Pizza Palace
1221 Manor Blvd.
San Leandro, CA
(510) 357-4323
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