New Fruit/Vegetable Exchange in San Leandro

Harvest time is approaching (and in some cases, it never goes away), and we often have more veggies and fruits that we know what to do with. Why not exchange them with neighbors for their surplus veggies & fruits?
If you are interested, please join the blog at
These are some postable items:
– What you have to giveaway or barter
– If you have seeds, compost or plants to giveaway or swap
– If you need help harvesting
– If you need help in caring for or identifying your fruits, vegetables, hens, etc… (We might be able to help you!)
– If you’re interested hosting a harvesting party (i.e. marmalade, ketchup, jam-making party)
– Need to borrow gardening tools
– Would like food donations for a local charity
Personally, I’m interested in getting lemons (so expensive at the market), herbs of all kinds, and flowers that you can use for cosmetics. I’ll have persimmons and green figs to give away in the fall. I also have roses – but I haven’t pruned them yet, so I don’t have very many.
Finally, if someone is willing to help me set up a vegetable garden in our backyard (I know NOTHING about gardening), I’d be more than willing to share the produce with them.

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