Last weekend we went to Tilden with our kids, but neglected to pack a lunch to bring along (that neglect can be put squarely at Mike’s shoulders, as I would never pack a lunch to begin with). So once there, we had to go into Berkeley in search both for gas (as Desiree had been running on empty for a couple of days by then) and food. We managed to get a place to park near Cactus Taqueria and so there we went.
The long lines did not foreshadow particularly good food. We all found the burritos (~$6) – and we got carne asada, carnitas and chicken burritos – to be just OK. In my particularly case, the cold ingredients (salsa, cheese, lettuce, cream & guacamole) completely overwhelmed the meat. There were bites – about 50% of them – that came with no meat at all. The lack of meat was also noticed by my companions. Even the rice and beans were not particularly noteworthy, though the kids ate some of them.
All of this said, the food wasn’t terrible, though I’ll look for some other place next time we’re in the area.
Cactus Taqueria
1881 Solano Ave.
Berkeley, CA

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