currybun.jpg2013 Update

Over the years, East 14th Bakery or “The Chinese Bakery”, as we call it, has become a frequent destination. It was recently sold to a new family who is introducing a few new items.

My items of choice here are the pork buns and the other buns.  They are very bready, but quite good and not much more expensive than when the place opened.

Original review

A Chinese bakery has finally opened a few blocks away from my house and I’ve been going almost daily. Yes, this is a habit that has to stop, but it’s so easy to pick up a pork bun or a curry beef bun for lunch on my way home. They offer a large variety of buns with all sorts of fillings, they are huge and under $1. Of the ones I’ve tried so far the curry beef one is my favorite, the ground beef filling is somewhat spicy but very tasty. I love BBQ pork buns but these ones are not the best, their pork seems chopped rather than sliced and they are not very sweet outside. Still, the owner is very eager to please so hopefully he’ll take my suggestions.

Of the sweets, the mini coconut cupcakes are my favorite. They are very coconutish and not too sweet. Their cakes taste mostly like out-of-a-box cakes, not really my favorite but Mika likes them.
In all, I’m very pleased they’re around.
Note that if you pick up a take-out menu they come with a coupon for a free 1st birthday cake – though expires on 9/30.
East 14th Bakery
1780 E. 14th (@ Elsie)
San Leandro, CA
Everyday 7am – 6 pm

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