I’m having a wine & cheese “salon” tonight and these are the cheeses I’m serving. The descriptions are from the web, not mine.
From The Marketplace at Rockridge
Tomme Crayeose
Tomme Crayeuse is a cheese from Savoie (along the Swiss-Italian Alps) in France. Tomme basically means wheel, although it is a generic word for piece or section. The rind of Tomme Crayeuse is grayish brown with yellow moldy patches that develop as the cheese ages. The taste of the cheese is slightly soft with citrus notes and somewhat earthy flavors
Fleur Verte
The “green flower” of the Loire Valley in France. Fresh, milky white goat cheese dusted with dried herbs that beautifully highlight the tangy sweetness of the cheese. Spread on a baguette and serve with a crisp, tart sauvignon blanc or a light fruity red.
St. Agur Blue Cheese
A medium strong creamy blue cheese, made from cow’s milk in Auvergne. It is excellent with full bodied red wines, great on bread for a snack or in a salad. Hard to find and extremely likable. Could be used as a more delicate substitute for Gorgonzola in sauces when Dolcelatte is out of season or too strong. The cheese has a very strong and spicy taste when rippens.
Le Tonneau
Le Tonneau is a new cheese from Switzerland. Its rind is dark in color, with grooves that resemble a barrel. Along with the character of a large cheese, it has a unique taste with a full, fruity flavor. It has a novel consistency and a softness, creaminess and delicacy never known before in a true cheese.
Midnight Moon
Aged one year, this firm cheese offers loads of flavor, including a hint of salted caramel. Intriguing and addictive, it is essentially a goat’s milk gouda. Named “Best New Product in Show” at the 2002 Fancy Food show.
And from Trader Joe’s, I got a:

  • Bingham Hill handcrafted Tuscan Herb creme cheese
  • Don Bernardo Manchego
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