Indian at TJ’s (and pasta)

During my last trip to Trader Joe’s I stocked up on bottled and frozen items. I tried the Trader Joe’s korma simmering sauce. It didn’t taste at all like a korma, it wasn’t creamy, it was sort of spicy and quite acidic, in other words, it tasted just like their curry sauce. I wouldn’t buy it again.
I also got the frozen nan bread. At $2 for 4 pieces it’s kind of expensive, but I think worth it. In all it’s pretty good, it tastes just like the nan bread from a good Indian restaurant, it’s light and fluffy. Plus as you cook it yourself it’s also quite warm when you get it. The only minus is taht you have to preheat the oven for 10 minutes before cooking it, though I’ve done it for less time in my toaster oven.
Finally, I got a bowl of tortellini with pesto sauce – not worth it. The tortellini themselves were good, nice al-dente consistency, yummy cheese filling, but the sauce was completely tasteless. They were actually better without the sauce.

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