Buckhorn Grill at the Metreon

Yesterday, a Sunday, we found ourselves hungry and the Metreon and headed to Buckhorn Grill, Mike’s favorite eatery at the place. The restaurant, part of a small Northern California chain, shares space with three other eateries. Its open dining room is darkish, comfortable and much nicer than those at conventional malls. Its also child friendly and you’ll find plenty of families with children around.
The Buckhorn Grill prides itself on its tri-tip, and both of us ordered the tri-tip sandwich ($8, in a special including side dish and a drink), with added blue cheese. Mike really likes this sandwich but I have my reservations. The meat is tasty and mostly lean and tender, but its drowned by the onions and bun. As the onions and blue cheese (and extra BBQ sauce) are all served cold, the sandwich becomes cold very quickly – not my ideal for a meat sandwich. But in the whole, it is a tasty sandwich.
The fries are short and thin, good but not remarkable. Mike thought the mashed potatoes tasted weird – though he ate them anyway. I thought they tasted OK but they were quite lumpy.
Buckhorn Grill
101 Fourth Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

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