Mi Tierra Taqueria

Last night I had meant to serve braised pommegranate pork but, alas, I miscalculated how long it would take it to braise and started too late – so we decided to eat out instead.
We were shopping at Kmart (no longer, now that I know that they feed the Republican machine) and decided to go to Mi Tierra Restaurant & Taqueria ’cause I wanted something quick and cheap and it was right there (well, across the street, right next to Best Burger in the DeeDee’s outside shopping mall).
The little restaurant is tiny and has a limited menu of burritos and tacos, with a few fajita plates thrown in for substance. It seems to be a family operation, and when we dined there were two women working both the counter and the open kitchen. There isn’t much ambiance to speak of, but the place has been decorated with orange walls and Mexican paintings and other decorations. It’s fine for a quick bite.
Mike ordered a regular chicken burrito ($4) and I ordered a carne asada super burrito ($6.50), without rice and beans. They were both the same size (large) but mine came with guacamole and cheese (not sour cream).
I liked my burrito well enough, though I didn’t appreciate that it came with lettuce (the ingredients weren’t listed). The meat was in low proportion to the other ingredients (salsa, cheese, guacamole sauce and particularly lettuce) but what was of it tasted good. Mike didn’t like his. He felt the chicken and the other ingredients were not well integrated so when he bit into it he either got hot ingredients or cold ingredients. He also felt there wasn’t enough chicken.
We also ordered a quesadilla for Michaela ($3.50) which comprised of just a tortilla filled with cheese, nothing else. Here again we felt there wasn’t enough cheese in proportion to the tortilla. The two fountain drinks we got ($1.45, no refills) were fine.
In all, I can’t imagine a reason why I’d go back to Mi Tierra, but the food wasn’t bad, just not good enough.
Mi Tierra Restaurant & Taqueria
14393 Washington Ave. #D
San Leandro, CA

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