A silent week + 2 reviews

I haven’t posted anything to this blog, or my other one, because I’ve been gone for the last week. Mike and I went down to Southern California, left Mika with my parents and took a 4-day cruise. It was relaxing and the food decent, though not actually good 🙂 I hope to write more about the cruise and the food I’ve had lately, we’ll see if I can manage the time.
Anyway, I just posted two reviews of San Leandro restaurants that I wrote before I left.
The Blue Dish is a small deli-like restaurant serving light American, Middle Eastern and Mexican menus. We tried the Middle Eastern stuff (prepared by a Latino cook) and our experience was mixed: Mike like his salad while I felt my shawerma was overwhelmed by the tahini sauce.
The Sandwitchery is, as it name suggests, a sandwich joint. They offer a large variety of sandwiches which are better, and more expensive, than those at the chains (there is a Subway and a Quiznos nearby) but otherwise not remarkable.
On a final note, I’ve heard that Cafe Zula closed. I’m not surprised given its out-of-the-way location and a menu that did not justify its prices. Unfortunately it isn’t going to be replaced by another (better) restaurant, Trader Sports has expanded into that space.

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