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A tale of two cakes

A couple of days ago, the girls had to stay home from school, and we decided to bake a cake. I had found a recipe for a Curacaoan chocolate cake, and I thought I’d make it as part of my Curacaoan menu. Camila, however, wanted to make the lemon cake recipe which appeared in this […]

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I posted already about the Darwin fish cookies in my entry for the Darwin Day Tea Party – but I just uploaded the photo to my computer and I want you guys to see what a good job we made. It was Mike’s idea – we found a drawing of the Darwin Fish, which we […]

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Jones Soda

Probably by now everyone with an internet connection has heard of Jones Soda holiday pack, featuring sodas in such festive and inviting tastes such asTurkey & Gravy, Cranberry, Mashed Potato & Butter, Green Bean Casserole and Fruitcake. But beyond the entertainment value, what do they really taste like? A group of intrepid men and women […]

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