Refrigerated Meal Review: Heat.Eat.Done Chicken Marsala with Penne Pasta

Chicken Marsala with Penne Pasta Review

Last week I found this refrigerated tray meal for Chicken Marsala with Penne Pasta at Grocery Outlet, and decided to give it a try. I love chicken marsala. At $5 for what is really a portion for one person (unless you are eating something else), it’s not exactly cheap for a pre-made, refrigerated meal, specially when bought at a bargain store, but I figured it was worth a try. Unfortunately, that was all that it was worth.

The chicken in the dish was incredibly dry. Now, this is very unusual for microwavable meals, but somehow Heat.Eat.Done managed it. The sauce also didn’t actually taste of Marsala wine – it lacked the sweetness of the wine -, and it was too liquidy and tasteless. I would not buy it again.


5 Comments on “Refrigerated Meal Review: Heat.Eat.Done Chicken Marsala with Penne Pasta”

  1. Kristin Bitler says:

    Yeah, I bought one, as well, at Grocery Outlet. Turned out it was beef pot roast with penne pasta. Good thing I eat beef.


    I bought the chicken marsala as well. The penne was done just right. The chicken was SO DRY AND TOUGH, there wouldn’t have been enough gravy in the world to compensate. And it definitely wasn’t marsala gravy. Servings approximately TWO….HARDLY ENOUGH FOR 1.
    Husband tried the teriyaki chicken….
    Neither one will be purchased again.

  3. Bradford Burrell says:

    Proportions are way to small for a grown man

  4. Robin says:

    These meals are so nasty

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