Khana Peena Indian Cuisine – Oakland – Buffet Review

A couple of days ago I went with my friend Mauro to lunch at Khana Peena. He likes it quite a bit, but I was not crazy about the buffet. It had many of the usual dishes: chicken tikka masala, a lamb curry, chicken tandoori, naan, rice and so forth. It was $10, including soda.
The place itself is very nice, in particular the outside patio which has benches and pillows and lots of fresh air. Inside it looks a bit more elegant than your run-of-the-mill Indian restaurant.
I wasn’t thrilled with the food, though. It was OK, but I thought the curries needed more “ummph”, not necessarily spiciness, but something to complete the flavor. The chicken tandoori also wasn’t very flavorful, but most importantly, it was quite undercooked. The rice and naan were nice.
I wouldn’t be rushing back to Khana Peena, but I won’t mind if Mauro suggests it again.
Khana Peena Indian Cuisine
5316 College Ave.
Oakland, CA
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