New Salvadorean restaurant to open in San Leandro

I went by the old Casa MariaKolbehTaqueriaandy & joe’s building a couple of days ago and saw that it’s becoming a Salvadorean restaurant. I don’t know when it’ll open and what it’ll be called (though the name was on the window, I can’t recall it) – but I do wish them luck (and good food!). I’m not crazy for Salvadorean food myself, but I’m willing to be converted!


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  1. Went by it again, and it’s called La Cocina de Raquel (Raquel’s Kitchen). The place hasn’t changed much since its last incarnation, though I assume the menu is different. I hope to be able to try it soon.
    BTW, it’s now OPEN. if you go, send me a note and tell me how it is.

  2. dsarver

    Great pupusas. Try the special juice. It’s made, as best as my research shows, from Strawberry Guavas, has a unique taste and a somewhat pineapple juice texture. Don’t forget the plantains with beans and crema. Food is not as greasy as some other salvadoran places and service is much, much quicker.

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