We went to Elios the week before our cruise, too long ago for me to remember the details well
enough to write a proper review. However, it’s unlikely we’ll return so rather than leave it un-reviewed altogether, I will
write a few remarks on the restaurant here.

Elios is one of the last of a dying breed, the all-American restaurant. It looks like a spiffed-up coffee-shop, it has
bright red vinyl booths, large mirrors that make the place look bigger and waitresses who have been working there for years it
not decades. Its long menu offers a wide selection of burgers and sandwiches (don’t expect anything innovative here), as well
as steaks, veal, chicken, seafood and pasta dishes, all moderately priced. There is a long list of daily specials, some of
which also appear in the regular menu at the same prices.

That evening, I decided on the broiled coulotte steak ($11.55). I remember it being fine, though not remarkable. I don’t
remember what Mike had, I think also a steak which was marginally better than mine.

For dessert we shared a piece of chocolate cream pie which wasn’t very good, it didn’t have much flavor.

Perhaps one day I’ll go back to Elios to write a proper review. It’ll have to be without Mike, however, as he refuses to
go back with me.

260 Floresta Boulevard
San Leandro, CA

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4 Comments on “Elios”

  1. matt moraga says:

    I will agree with you on their dinners, but elios is best for breakfast. Anne and I frequently go on the weekends and are never dissapointed. Jims in Alameda was my favorite before we moved to San Leandro but elios is by far the best breakfast in town.

  2. Marga says:

    Per your recommendation we went to Elio’s for breakfast a couple of months ago. Alas, once again I forgot to write a review soon after our visit, and if I took notes I seem to have lost them. So relying on memory only, I think the experience was OK. Mike usually gets the type of food that it’s hard to mess up (eggs, toast, sausage, stuff like that) and I think I liked what I had. But what I do remember is that the service was painfully slow. When you have 2 little kids along, slow service is like torture.

  3. mike says:

    Elios’ kicks butt the portions are huge and the food is homemade, the Service is great and the place is the cleanest restaurant i”ve ever been to. the help is nice and you never feel uncomfortable being there. peace and love to all
    260 Floresta Boulevard
    San Leandro, CA

  4. keith says:

    Everyone seems to have a diferent opinion of their choice of restaurants though it doesn’t mean they’re accurate. Elios has the best homeade dinners i’ve ever eaten in the east bay. They serve entrees such as Greek pot roast, spare ribs with fresh made bbq sauce, short ribs etc etc, all so tender and succulent in flavor. In addition to that they make their specials daily, including their soups; my 2 favorites being the beef barley and Clam chowder. Did I mentions that their portions are huge and that this place is the cleanest reataurant i have ever stepped into

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