Thanksgiving 2006

I know it’s late, but I’m finally blogging about my Thanksgiving 2006 meal. As you may recall I wanted to make something not too traditional as Lola and Ignatius were coming after they had already a traditional meal at their family’s. But while the menu kind of worked out, the timing didn’t. I was a bit early with the cooking – though not with the putting the kids to sleep – so by the time Lola and Iggy arrived we were pretty much all packed up. Oh well, they got to enjoy dessert.
Anyway, the menu went pretty much according to plan. I didn’t serve the bread with any of the dips – it was just us and I was too busy cooking, so we went straight to the main dish:
Braised Whole Chicken with Bread Stuffing and Bacon. As I say in the recipe, it was quite good though I managed to cook the damn thing upside down. Kids liked it, we liked it.
Zuni’s Mashed Potatoes. I didn’t use buttermilk, just cream, and they were delicious – but they did turn cold too quickly. I’m making them again for Xmas and this time I think I’ll use the buttermilk.
Chevy’s Corn Tomalito. It was good, but it had too high a corn kenel to pudding ratio. Next time I’d use half as much, I might also use a bit more sugar. Note that there are two tomalito recipes going around, I used this one – the one that uses butter and is cooked in the oven.
Green Bean Casserole. I wanted to make this as it’s such a traditional Thanksgiving dish and Mike said he liked it. Well, he didn’t really like my version. Perhaps it was ’cause I used fresh green beans, steamed, instead of canned ones. In any case, I doubt I’ll make it again.
Apple Pie. I use commercial crusts (which didn’t prove that good this time) and I toss sliced peeled apples, cinnamon, sugar and a pinch of ground cloves.
Store bought pumpkin pie.
That was it, we enjoyed most of it and had a great time together – even if it took me all day to cook 🙂

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