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Germans have been coming to what is now the United States ever since the 17th century. They came in search of religious freedom and to escape poverty and war. Between 1820 and 1920, over seven million Germans immigrated to the US. Nowadays, there are more Americans of German decent than of any other nationality – about fifty million. My own great-grandfather immigrated to America in the late 19th century escaping military service in his homeland. He married a German-American girl, had 11 children (eight who survived), and quickly prospered in this country.

German and American food and culture have become so inexorably mingled with one another that it's difficult to tell where one begins and the other one ends. Still, I decided to make a German-American menu both to highlight the German-American dish per excellence, Sauerbraten, and to include my grandmother's kuchen recipe. This is what I made:

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