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K-Mex, or Korean-Mexican, cuisine is a nascent cuisine. It was officially born in 2008 in Los Angeles with the arrival of the Kogi Taqueria Truck which offered Korean-Mexican fusion tacos, burritos and other fare. This coincided with the explosion of food trucks leaving their taco roots behind and expanding into other cuisines, often fusion ones. Since then, K-Mex cuisine has taken America (and Korea) by a storm, appearing in food trucks, restaurants and homes everywhere.

Because K-Mex cuisine is so new, it's still being created. Most K-Mex dishes seem to consist of meats marinated in Korean flavors used in Mexican-American staples such as tacos and burritos. Often, kimchi (Korean pickled vegetables) and gochujang (a Korean pepper paste) based sauces are added for flavor.

For my brief foray into K-Mex cuisine, I made:

  • Korean Fish Tacos
    White fish marinated in Korean flavors and then dropped into a traditional Cal-Mex taco.
  • K-Mex Shrimp Salad
    Shrimp in a Korean marinade top a salad with Mexican flavors.
  • Bulgogi Nachos
    Take your typical nachos and add bulgogi beef to them.

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