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Goa is a tiny state on the west coast of India famous for its beaches and tourist attractions. It was colonized by the Portuguese in the 16th century and it remained a Portuguese enclave until 1961. For the first couple of centuries, Goa was the center of spice trading in the region. Even today Goa is associated with spices.

The city of Goa itself was built by the Portuguese in the image of Lisboa. There was a very high degree of intermarriage between Goans and Portuguese, and the Portuguese engaged in a very stern campaign of evangelization. The Inquisition was present in Goa until the 19th century.

It's thus not surprising that Goan gastronomy is highly influenced by Portuguese cuisine, which in turn adopted ingredients and methods from the cuisines of other Portuguese possessions. As many Goans were Catholic, Hindu and Muslim dietary laws did not apply and beef and pork became part of their diets.

I love Indian food but I'm usually not very successful at cooking it and my efforts on Goan were rather mixed. This is what I made:

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