A Dum Pukht Culinary Adventure

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Dum Pukht is not a cuisine per se, but a cooking method. It basically consists of oven-steaming a previously cooked dish.

The story goes that the dum pukht method originated in Persia and traveled to India during the reign of Asaf-Ud-Dowlah as nawab of Avadh, in northern India. Those were years of famine, and the nawab decided to employ his subjects in the construction of a grandiose building, the Bara Imambara, to keep them busy and employed. To feed them, enormous quantities food would be prepared, transferred to enormous food containers, sealed and kept warm in double-walled ovens. This helped the flavors mature. One day, the Nawab was lucky enough to taste one of those dishes and he was so impressed that he had his chefs adopt the cooking method.

This is what I made:

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