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Gujarati cuisine occupies a distinctive space within the universe of Indian gastronomy. While most Gujaratis are Hindu, Jain influences means that Gujaratis of all castes often keep a vegetarian diet. They also keep a complex and varied diet. Most meals are served thali style and consist of at least three vegetable dishes, a legume dish, a bread and rice - all served in a platter. Thalis are eaten both at home and restaurants. Gujarati cuisine can often be more dramatic in its flavouring, favouring dishes that are sweet, salty and spicy, all at once.

Gujarat is also known for their many snacks, often sold by street vendors.

I'm not a big vegetable eater and, frankly, Gujarati cuisine overwhelmed me. I made a few dishes that I thought I'd like, but I fell short at the prospect of putting a whole thali together or even cooking any vegetable dishes. Instead, I am planning to go to one of the Gujarati restaurants in the area and savor a properly cooked thali. One day.

This is what I made

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