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Almost 22 million Muslims live in China today, about half of whom are Hui, ethnic Chinese who adopted Islam centuries ago. While they live throughout the country, they are more prominent in the northwest and central plains. Chinese Moslem cuisine is considered its own school, even though it incorporates the different culinary tradition of the different ethnic groups that adhere to Islam. Still, the prohibitions against the use of pork and the use of halal meat is common to all.

Of the three Chinese Moslem dishes I made, only one was really successful – the beef stew. This dish was unlike any other Chinese dish I've cooked so far, even as it relied on very Chinese ingredients. It was delicious.

This is what I made:

Chinese cuisines I've explored so far: Cantonese, Chengdu, Chinese Muslim, Dai, Fujian, Ghizhou, Haipai, Hakka, Hangzhou, Hongkonese, Huaiyang, Hunan, Imperial China, Indo-Chinese, Jiangsu, Jiangxi

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