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Bahraini cuisine is not significantly different from the cuisines of its neighboring Arab countries. It features a lot of lamb and fish, perfumed with the flavors of cinnamon, cardamon and turmeric, among others. It's homey, satisfying stuff and I enjoyed the two meals I prepared.

I wasn't able to find enough recipes I wanted to make to prepare a full menu. The most logical appetizer would have been samboosa, small pastries filled with spiced meats, reminiscent of Indian samosas, sold by street vendors as snacks in Bahrain. However, I'm not keen in making pastry and I just could not figure out how to fold them. Perhaps one day I'll be adventurous enough and revisit them, however. Dips, such as babaghanoush, are also common, but I've made this many times before and my husband doesn't eat eggplant. As for desserts, if I was to make a full Bahraini dinner I'd probably stick with fresh fruit.

My menu, served over two different nights, consisted then of only two dishes.

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