An Algerian Menu

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I must confess that I simply love North African food. I think couscous has been one of the great inventions of human kind. I specially like the sweet and aromatic meat dishes that are so often found in Morocco, but also form part of Algerian cuisine. Needless to say, I was very much looking forward to preparing an Algerian meal.

I settled on a menu of chicken soup, lamb and dessert. Soup is the traditional first course in an Algerian meal, and I chose to make a chicken soup so as to use a different meat than in the main dish. I found many different recipes for lamb cuscus and tahinas, many of which sounded great. I settled on sweet lamb because I love sweet food. The recipe said this was almost a dessert meat, but fortunately I found it to be less sweet than that and positively delicious. For dessert I chose a simple fruit salad, because I don't like most of the sweet/syrupy pastries that constitute more traditional desserts.

My menu consisted of:

  • Shorba
    Chicken Soup
  • El Ham Lahlou
    "Sweet lamb for Ramadan," served with buttered cuscus
  • Chlada Fakya
    Fruit Salad, served with whipped cream

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