The Sandwitchery Cafe & Deli

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Note: This restaurant has closed

I've been meaning to go to the Sandwitchery, a small sandwich shop in downtown San Leandro, for years. I walk by it every time I go to the library, and I figured that at least for the sake of completeness I should give it a try. Trouble is, the Sandwitchery is only open for lunch and I'm not a big lunch eater. I finally got to try it a day in May 2004 when Mike was home for lunch and suggested we go there.

The Sandwitchery features a large variety of sandwiches: there are more than 20 main ingredients, nine types of bread and cheese and a few other extras. It also has more than a dozen specialty sandwiches. Cold sandwiches start at $4.75, hot sandwiches at $5.75 and specialty sandwiches are $6-6.50. Its eight salads are $4-6.50.

I ordered a roast beef sandwich on sliced sourdough, with Monterey Jack cheese (+ $.50) and Avocado dressing (+ $1.50). Mike had the "Harvey," a roast beef, pastrami, ham, jack cheese and veggie sandwich. We both agreed that our sandwiches were fine, but not outstanding. They tasted very fresh, the meats were good quality and plentiful, but they did not come anywhere close to being as tasty as the sandwiches from our favorite deli (which, unfortunately, is in St. Helena). They were much better than the sandwiches you can get at Subway or Quiznos, however. Still, they seem a bit expensive. For the same price you can get a sandwich at Vatran's - they are much better and they come with chips. Still, I may try the Sandwitchery again, probably on a Saturday as they seem to have music those days!

The Sandwitchery Cafe & Deli
145 W. Joaquin Ave.
San Leandro, CA