Vatran's Flying Sausages

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Updated 2005: Vatran's has been sold and has been renamed Joaquin Deli. So far there have been few other changes.

It would be tempting to describe Vatran's Flying Sausages, an upscale deli offering delicious sandwiches, as our little secret - but so many people have discovered it that we can't feel special for steering you that way. But steer you we must.

Located on a residential street, merely a block away from East 14th Street and from the San Leandro main library (if you cut through a parking lot), Vatran's Flying Sausages has an ideal location. It's located close enough to downtown San Leandro to be very convenient, but far away enough from the noise and traffic that you can relax amidst the smell of the herbs on its porch (or at one of its three inside tables if you're cold). It features a wide array of cold cuts and sausages, from the mundane (roast beef, bologna, pastrami) to the more unusual for these parts (Iberian chorizo, Prosciutti copa, soppresata). It also carries cheeses from around the world, including some delicious local varieties, including some from Cowgirl Creamery. They offer other assorted gourmet goodies, with an emphasis on Mediterranean and Eastern European products. Where else can you get a Coke from Poland and from Mexico?

So yes, this is the place to come to prepare for a picnic - but also a great spot for lunch. They serve prepared sandwiches for all tastes, from a delicious roasted pork and garlic sausage, to roasted black angus tri-tip with BBQ sauce, to a muffaletta and a grilled portabella mushroom with herbs and greens one. Sandwiches are reasonably priced at an average of $6. There is also a soup and salad of the week (I've had the chicken salad and it was pretty good).

Vatran's Flying Sausages
275 Joaquin Ave.
San Leandro, CA
Deli Hours Tu- Fri 1130 AM to 7 PM, Sat. 11AM - 4 PM
Lunch Hours Tu-Sa 1130 AM to 230 PM