Restaurant Reviews: A Caveat








I offer these restaurant reviews to help others get an idea of what they can expect at a given restaurant. Please keep in mind that these reviews reflect my experience dining at a particular restaurant. Restaurants can have good days and bad days, and my experience may not be typical. Unlike professional reviewers who don't have to pay for their meals, I will likely not go back to a restaurant I didn't like.

My opinion, of course, is also influenced by my biases. I try to be as explicit as possible about them in every review. My palate is narrower than I wish; I don't eat most seafood, most vegetables and most organs, though of course, there are exceptions. I don't order dishes I don't think I'll like, but I will often report what my dining companions have said about the dishes they ordered. My impression of a restaurant is also shaped by my expectations, these include the buzz the restaurant has gotten, the type of restaurant it is (I expect less of a coffee-shop than a bistro), where the restaurant is located (I expect less of restaurants in San Leandro than of those in Berkeley) and the cost of the meal (I expect more from a $100 meal than a $20 one). A nice environment, good service, good bread and free refills will make me like a place more.

I hope these reviews will be useful to you. Please note that some of these reviews are pretty old and the restaurant may have changed significantly since our visit.

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