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Mike and I had a baby in early 2002 and we soon realized that our lives, as we knew them, were changed forever. One of the big changes has been our newfound inability to experience nice dinners in upscale restaurants. We can try to manage local ethnic stuff (though usually we can only eat in shifts, as one of us has to hold the baby or go out with her when she fusses) but upscale restaurants? Forget it.

Inspired by our current situation, and a couple of restaurant cookbooks I've gotten as gifts, I've decided to start a new project of cooking food from great restaurants. This will mean stretching my culinary skills from the warm comfort of ethnic kitchens, but hopefully it'll lead me both to learn more and eat a lot of great stuff. I am, of course, not abandoning my project of cooking international foods alphabetically, rather this will be a complimentary project that I will take on once every month or so. I will start by cooking the foods of restaurants I have gone to and liked and maybe some day I'll be able to branch out to new restaurants.

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