Party and Holiday Recipes



Now that we have a house, we've began hosting more holiday events and parties (4th of July and labor day b-b-q's, holiday parties, Christmas dinners). As the cook of the family, I've began to look for dishes to serve that will not only be delicious (and perhaps meaningful), but will also allow me to spend some time enjoying the party. I haven't yet been completely successful at that, but I'll keep trying.

In these pages you'll find my menus for different parties and special dinners that I host. You'll note that for these events I'm using both store-bought foods and home-made recipes. Buying pre-made food can be a great time saver, and sometimes what you buy can be just as good, or even better, than what you make (or at least, what I make). If you are looking for dinner ideas also check out my regular recipes, or international dinners.

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