Windrose Romantic Cottages




Stay: July 2008

I wanted to stay at the Windrose Romantic Cottages in Windsor for a couple of reasons. For one, the establishment had gotten awesome reviews at For another, the water tower room came with a hot tub, and (despite the heat wave hitting us in July 2008), I was really looking forward to the relaxation of jets and the tub . Indeed, I so wanted to stay at the Windrose, that I rearranged the dates of my vacation to make sure we could at least spend one night in the water tower room. Alas, one night was probably sufficient, for while the place is charming, the water tower room is really tiny.

I have to give it to the owners of the Windrose, they are able to provide in a small space many amenities that other establishments don't give you in rooms three times as large. There is a queen size bed, with wonderfully soft and nicely smelling linens and down pillows, a night table and linen trunk. There is also a kitchen area with a sink and counter space, and everything you'd need to prepare basic foods for yourself: coffeemaker, toaster/convection oven, microwave, a relatively large refrigerator with separate freezer, plates & silverware and other basic dishes. There is even a waffle maker (and waffle mix!), in case you want to make your own breakfast. Other breakfast makings include a small loaf of a fruit bread, small boxes of cereal, fresh fruits, juice and milk. When you arrive, a plate of fruit and cheese awaits you, and you get to choose a bottle of wine.

The room also contains a wicker love-seat and coffee table, some cushions and a small TV. Very ingeniously, it also had a folding desk and chair, for those (like Mike) who find themselves needing a place to work. The bathroom was very tiny as well, and shielded from the room by only a curtain. The small sink is actually in the bedroom, facing the bed. There is, however, a nice deck outside with a couple of plastic lounge chairs, and a table and chairs. Mike had a great time working here early in the morning, while hearing the neighboring animals wake up. There are also a bunch of *extras*, which make this place quite special. An air freshener makes your room smell of lavender while soft music plays from the stereo as you arrive - and some candies to give you something sweet. There are books and magazines around and information about the area. Very importantly in summer, the room has both A/C and a fan (and they have a very cute stove for the winter cold). In all, the room is comfortable and very cute.

The hot tub downstairs is also quite nice. It's enclosed in a little house, with a window looking onto the trees. It's probably big enough for 6 people and just perfect for 2. The water is kept at 99-degrees (and will only go up to 104F), which is pretty low for a hot tub, BUT perfect on a warm night. I had the most relaxing time there. Robes and towels are provided.

There are no other amenities per se at the establishment, but there is a fast wireless internet connection. The owners were very amenable.

In all, we had a great time at the Windrose, and I'd stay here again, albeit at one of the larger cottages.

Windrose Romantic Cottages
Windsor, Ca
(707) 836-0400