Sand and Surf Lodge




Stay: July, 2007

General Impressions

This is a nice, well maintained motel with a killer view of the coast. A very pleasant place to stay.

How I chose this hotel

I wanted to get a room with a view of the ocean, and yet not pay the exorbitant prices that B&Bs charge in this area. Sand and Surf got good reviews in and was relatively affordable.


We got a room with a king size bed on the second floor. The room had a comfortable bed, two night tables and night lamps, a hideaway couch and a table with two chairs. There was a dresser with a TV, a mini- fridge and a coffeemaker. Basic toiletries were provided.

Most importantly, the room had a balcony with two plastic chairs and a beautiful view of the turf. With the door open we could hear the sea and even smell it.

The room was clean, large and comfortable. We paid somewhere upwards of $170 a night which I thought was expensive, but this whole area is.

Grounds and facilities

The Sand and Surf is a modest hotel with no facilities, as far as I can see. There is a pathway to the beach. The reception room is small and not a place you'd hang out in. There are vending machines selling Pepsi products and the local newspaper.

The hotel is very near a sandy beach and there are trails from the hotel to the beach. The beach is quite pretty.

Note, that though the pictures at their website don't show it, the hotel is surrounded by hotels on both sides.


There is no breakfast provided. There are phones in the rooms. The office offers a wide range of VHS movies you can rent for $2 each. There is no internet connectivity at the hotel per se, but the wi-fi signal from the the adjacent Ocean View Lodge was strong enough if you're desperate.

Final Thoughts

The Surf and Sand was a nice place to stay with a killer view of the coast. The room was spacious and comfortable, and we liked hearing the waves as we fell asleep. I think it may be a bit overpriced, but I couldn't find cheaper accommodations in the area. I'd stay here again.

Surf and Sand Lodge
1131 N. Main St.
Fort Bragg, CA

View from our room at the Sand and Surf Hotel

View from the Sand and Surf Hotel

View from the Sand and Surf Hotel