Shilo Inn at Salmon Creek




Stay: November 2008

The Shilo Inn at Salmon Creek is one of the closest hotels to Mike's parents' home, and we've stayed there whenever we go to visit them. Our last stay was in November 2008 and it was fine - though the hotel seems more tired than in previous occasions.

The Shilo Inn is a basic hotel/motel - though a pretty nice one at that. Rooms have either a king bed and two doubles (not Queen beds) - and sport a small table with two chairs, a desk and chair, an armoire with drawers and TV, a game playing system, a pretty large fridge and a small microwave. There is also a coffee maker. The room itself is big enough though a little bit crowded. The bathroom is a bit ampler, though the bath tub is quite small (a consideration when you have multiple small children that you bathe together).

Each bed comes with two regular pillows and a couple of show pillows - and while the beds seemed comfortable enough, Mike and I did wake up with back aches the next day. The beds are also pretty high - which wouldn't matter, except that Camila (my 4 year old) did fall to the floor while she slept - fortunately, it's carpeted. All in all the rooms are fine, though not luxurious.

The hotel offers several services. There is free WI-FI and the connection seemed fast enough. Copies of USA Today are offered at the front desk, as are cookies, popcorn and even dog treats. There is a basic continental breakfast consisting of cereals, oatmeal, packaged danishes, microwaveable bagels and egg sandwiches, and make-your-own waffles (I hate those things, they just taste awful, but they are the rage at low-priced hotels). There is hot coffee, hot water and juices. In other words, your basic cheap hotel breakfast. Shampoo, conditioner and soap are provided.

The other significant amenity the hotel offers is an indoor swimming pool (minimally heated) and jacuzzi. As cold as the small swimming pool was, my children enjoyed it. There is a steam room and a sauna which I didn't use.

Service is friendly, the rooms were quickly if not carefully cleaned. The uncomfortable beds, however, are a deal breaker, and next year we'll probably try a new place.

Shilo Inn Salmon Creek
13206 Hwy 99
Vancouver, WA 98686
(360) 573-0511