Motel 6 - Redding North



We stayed at Motel 6 (March 2004) because it was cheap (its sign advertised rooms for $43 singles, the other hotels didn't advertise their prices and we figure they were probably higher) and conveniently located near Toys R Us. After a few days of traveling, we figured Mika deserved to play a little bit.

As we expected, it was cheap ($50 + tax for the family) and we got what we paid for. The room was small and had a double bed (not even a queen), one night table, one reading lamp (good thing we both didn't want to read at the same time), a table with two chairs (where I'm typing this) and a long dresser attached to the bed. There was a TV with remote control and a couple dozen channels, a place to hang your clothing and a small bathroom with a shower. Bar soap is the only toiletry provided. The toilet has no lid but the bathroom has a door.

The linens were cheap and a synthetic blend, the two pillows provided were small and flat, also of a synthetic material. The two "bath" towels provided were smaller than regular.

The motel does not appear to be a residence hotel, and apparently it appeals to all sorts of travelers. All the windows face into the open hallway, so privacy is a little bit limited, if you want to keep your windows or doors open to get some airflow and/or light, people will see you as they walk by to their rooms.

In all, I'd stay here again if I couldn't find a nicer hotel for the price.

Motel 6
1250 Twin View Boulevard
Redding, CA 96003
Phone: (530) 246-4470