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A Caveat

Note: This restaurant has closed. J J Fish & Chicken Restaurant has opened in its place.

Shish Kebab Etc. is a small restaurant located at the Greenhouse Marketplace. It serves Middle Eastern fast-food and pizzas. More importantly, it delivers.

Last night (August 2004) I was in the mood for something different that we wouldn't have to pick up and decided to order dinner from here. It was a mixed experience.

I ordered a shish kabob plate ($9), which consisted of two skewers of grilled lamb (you can also get chicken or beef), rice, humus, pita bread and a salad. The meat was nicely seasoned and quite good, though it didn't taste particularly lamby; it could have been beef just as easily. The long-grain rice was also quite tasty, not as good as the rice you can get at a Persian restaurant but better than most of the rice you usually get at other restaurants. The pita bread was nicely warm but the humus was very thin and not very tasty. It seemed homemade. The salad (lettuce, onions and chopped tomatoes) had a nice Middle Eastern dressing. In all, I'd order it again.

A meat lasagna ($6) was a disappointment. The plate was a mess of pasta and sweet sauce, and had nowhere near as much cheese or meat as it should have. Indeed, I could barely see any meat. It came with an un-advertised slice of garlic bread. I wouldn't order the lasagna again.

We also got a side order of garlic bread ($2) which was quite good.

The food came within the promised 45 minutes and everything was still hot when it got here. It was all well packaged.

I have been to the restaurant before, it's a small place with a few tables for in-house dining. I probably wouldn't go there to eat. In addition to having no atmosphere, the food is quite expensive for being fast food. I'm willing to pay a premium for the convenience of free delivery, but not to go to the effort of eating there.

Update: In late August 2004 we got their shish kebab pizza. It's expensive at about $20 for a large (16"), but we liked it. The pizza was thin and the cheese was tasty, the shish kabob was very good and a nice change. The sauce was a little too thin and needed more taste, however. In all, we'd order it again, though I may wait to get a coupon for it.

Update 2: We ordered out from Shish Kabot, Etc. again in September 2004 and this time we didn't have a good experience. The beef in a Beef Shish Kabob ($9) was very dry, tough and chewy. A pepperoni calzone was OK, but only that. It's put us off ordering from there for the time being.

Shish Kabob, Etc.
699 Lewelling Blvd.
San Leandro, CA
Su-Th 10 am -11 pm, F-Sa 10 am - 12 am