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Summary: Good but extremely overpriced food with a lovely view

The Timber Cove Inn restaurant is, as its name suggests, located in the Timber Cove Inn somewhere on Highway 1, about 15 miles north of Jenner. As the only restaurant near the hotel, it has a captive audience and it takes advantage of it. While the food they serve is good not exceptional it's terribly overpriced, with entrees costing twice as much as they would if there were restaurants nearby. The restaurant itself is nice, if small. It's located next to the hotel lobby, and it has beautiful views of the ocean (though at sunset it, the sun shines strongly into the room and it's difficult to see). The menu is very limited, with about 8 entrees (but I didn't count them), most around $29. They include a seafood pasta dish ($22, I think), a chicken dish (they were out of it that evening), a lamb dish and a couple of seafood and beef dishes. Appetizers are all seafood and they cost around $10.

We decided to skip appetizers and ordered our entrees straight away. I went for the rib eye with a Bearnaise sauce and whipped potatoes ($29) and Mike had the halibut with a dill cream sauce and also whipped potatoes (the dish came with rice, but they happily substituted the potatoes for him) ($27, I think). I'd asked for the rib eye medium rare, and it was just a tad bit overcooked, still quite juicy, however. It was a thin cut of meat and it tasted pretty good, though not as good as it should have for $29. Mike can make a better steak any day of the week. The sauce was fine, a bit too acidic but pleasant. Mike was happy with his halibut, he found the sauce to be delicious and he cleared everything on his plate. The dishes had a good amount of food and were satisfying.

For dessert Mike had the apple pie a la mode ($6.50) and he also was quite pleased. I had the chocolate cake and, as often, I wished it had been served hot. Still, it was good and I was thankful for the whipped cream and strawberries which helped soften the sweetness of the frosting. I'd have welcomed ice cream more. The slice of cake was large enough to share, too much for one person.

Service was slow. They only have two servers during the week, and apparently that night they'd gotten more guests than expected, so even the manager was helping out. Still, they were overwhelmed and we had to wait a long time for our dishes, our dessert and then the bill. They do have more servers during the weekend.

In all it was a good dinner and, seated next to the window, we had a good view. However I feel the food is grossly overpriced, given its quality, but there are no logical places to eat in the area. For lunch, however, you can get sandwiches at the nearby market in Fort Ross.

Timber Cove Inn Restaurant
21780 Highway 1
Jenner, CA
(707) 847-3231

Dining room at the timber cove inn

View from Dining room at the timber cove inn