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A Caveat

Ploughman's is a small coffee-shop serving a simple breakfast and lunch in downtown San Leandro. It's owned by the same people who own The Englander. We had been there once before, and hadn't been too impressed, but we were hungry one Sunday morning and we figured we'd give it another try. It wasn't a wise choice for me.

The problem was that they don't seem to serve lunch on Sundays, only breakfast. I'm not a big breakfast eater as I don't like eggs (most of the menu consists of eggs by themselves or with breakfast meats), and that morning I definitely didn't want anything sweet so I decided to skip on the other options (pancakes, French toast and waffles). Instead I ordered a glass of chocolate milk. It was horrible, it had the chalky/salty taste of powder without actually tasting like chocolate. Mike thought that I shouldn't expect too much, but milk with Quik at home tastes much better. Fortunately, Mika isn't very picky so she drank it all.

Mike had a waffle special that came with a large waffle (with butter & syrup), eggs (scrambled) and two breakfast sausages (it was $5 or $6). He thought it was perfectly acceptable breakfast fare. He'd order it again.

Service was fine, though it would have been nice if the waitress could have consulted the kitchen as to whether they could prepare a lunch entree for me.

1600 Washington Avenue
San Leandro, Ca
Mon - Sat 6am - 3pm, Sunday 7am - 1pm