Rafters Bar & Grill

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A Caveat

We were staying at the Weasku Inn in Grant Pass and as part of their "Romance Package" we got a coupon for dinner at the Rafters Bar & Grill, owned by the same company so we went there for dinner on a Thursday night in March 2004.

The restaurant did not look promising at first, located as it is in a motel, but it was pleasant enough, resembling some kind of hybrid between a bar and a family restaurant. The atmosphere did not seem to be in tune with the high prices, but perhaps during the day the view of the river justifies them. Most likely, there aren't many competitors in town.

Service, however, was very good. The waiter was attentive and cheery, even in the light of our distraught at our toddler's antics. Apparently Michaela had decided that that evening at that restaurant was the perfect time to enter into the terrible two's.

Rafters' menu features Pacific Northwestern cuisine, which essentially is Californian-inspired cuisine (in the sense of being free to try new combinations, specially of Asian and Mexican ingredients - two very notable influences in the Pacific Northwest) with emphasis on fresh and regional ingredients. What you find is a basic steakhouse menu with some twists.

As an appetizer, Mike and I decided to share a chicken quesadilla ($8). The quesadilla had green chillies inside, but it wasn't too hot. It was the size of a large tortilla folded in half. It wasn't anything special, but it was good.

As an entree Mike had a lobster tail from the specials menu (~$22). It was competently prepared and he liked it. Again, it wasn't anything special on its own, but it was good.

Despite my vow to forgo meat, I've been in a hamburger craze lately so I ordered a cheeseburger. At $9 I expected it to be very good. Again, it was good but nothing special. Certainly not one of the best burgers I've had lately.

Mika was in a terrible (read loud and whiny) mood, so we had to forgo dessert. In all, the meal was fine but nothing special. If we were in Grant Pass again we would go back if we couldn't think of any place better.

Rafters Grill & Bar
971 S.E. Sixth St.,
Grants Pass, Oregon