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Summary: Good, slightly overpriced food in a dead city.

Sunday night is not a good time to have dinner in Windsor. We were staying there for the night, after a day of relaxing at a spa and wine tasting, and felt too lazy to drive all the way to Healdsburg for some chow. But every restaurant I had looked up in Windsor, including my choice, Chinois Asian Bistro, seemed close for the night (or the holiday - we visited a couple of days after 4th of July 2008).

We chanced upon KC's Downtown Grill, and it seemed a better alternative to the Mexican and Chinese restaurants that would have been our other choices. It was a little bit expensive for what it's basically a glorified diner, but the food was pretty good and the very young waitress was delightful - friendly and efficient.

The restaurant has a 50's look inside, though it's adorned with several 1940's posters, and has a nice front patio overlooking the new park. It was perfect for a warm evening.

The menu is traditional coffeeshop, with a plethora of burgers and sandwiches, salads, pastas and all-American main dishes. I decided to go for the BBQ ribs ($17) while Mike had the Pecan Crusted Trout ($14). Mike's trout was very good and flavorful, the crust was crispy and the fish tasted fresh. My ribs were very tender and juicy, but the sauce was a tad too vinegary and sweet for my taste. The fries were unremarkable. It was a pretty big plate, and I definitely could not finish it all. The only one sour note were the sodas, which had an off flavor.

Though the food was good, it was not spectacular, so I wouldn't rush to KC's again - but I'd definitely go there for lunch or if the other restaurants were closed. That said, I'm not sure I'd bother going to Windsor again.

KC's Downtown Grill
9051 Duvander Lane
Windsor, CA