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Summary: Nice breakfast

Mike and I are not big breakfast eaters. He's usually satisfied with a bowl of fruit, while I usually just drink some coffee, but we were going to Osmosis Spa for an enzyme bath, and we'd been told it was recommended that we have a light meal before our treatment. Howard's Cafe looked promising from the outside, so we sat down in the cool verandah (though the temperature was starting to rise) and had some food. In all, it was a pretty good, though not exceptional, experience.

I got the french toast, with a side of strawberries and whipped cream. The french toast was generic, but I appreciated the real organic maple syrup with which it was served. The strawberries were sweet, and the cream was a bit too airy - but ultimately good. Mike had the croissant sandwich with eggs over medium. He thought it was a yummy, messy sandwich. It came with potatoes he didn't eat.

Service was very good; my cup of coffee was kept topped off. I liked eating in the verandah overlooking, but somewhat shielded from, the road.

If I was in Occidental I'd have breakfast at Howard's Cafe again. Note that they only serve breakfast and lunch.

Howard's Cafe, Bakery and Juice Bar
3611 Main St.
Occidental, Ca.